Onthis Snap

for MetaMask.

View a detailed breakdown of your contract transaction before confirming.

Why use Onthis Snap?

Prevent costly mistakes

Onthis allows users to execute onchain actions by sending funds to a contract address directly from your wallet - no UI necessary.

A Snap helps you confirm the intended contract address directly in your MetaMask.

Get more insights

See a breakdown of exactly what happens in the background when you send your deposit to the intended contract address, before confirming your transaction.

Use Onthis with Confidence

Set it & forget it - once you add our Metamask Snap all future contract transactions will be automatically detected to give you continued peace of mind.

How to add Onthis Snap to your MetaMask:


Add Onthis Snap into your MetaMask with a simple link.


Paste in any Onthis contract address into the Send to field on your MetaMask.


MetaMask will automatically detect whether you're using the right contract.

Frequent Questions

What are Onthis Contracts?

Getting to your final destination in Web3 often involves interactions with multiple protocols and onchain transactions.

Onthis contracts are combinations of 2 or more DeFi actions which are executed in one transaction, making onchain simple.

Each contract represents an intent, helping users get to their final destination without worrying about what needs to happen in between.

Each smart contract connects existing protocol functions together to execute a specific user intent.

How does it work?

To execute a specific intent (e.g. bridge to L2 and stake on Beefy), you simply send ETH to that intent's Smart Contract address.

Each deployed contract has dedicated ENS domain, giving end-users ability to perform intents simply by sending ETH to human-readable addresses.

What's the difference between using Onthis contracts and doing DeFi actions on your own?

When you interact with our contracts, you're doing the same thing you would be doing when interacting with onchain protocols on your own - just in less time and risk involved!

One of the biggest advantages of using Onthis is that you're not waiting for one transaction to settle in order to move on to the next one.

Onthis doesn't add on any extra smart contract risks in addition to the current DeFi protocols that are being used under the hood.

Onthis contracts simplify blockchain interactions allowing you to perform onchain actions merely by sending cryptocurrency to a certain address. Build your own contracts with our no-code tool.

Are there fees?

The fees range based on the Contract Complexity, with a base fee of 0.2%, in other words, fees can range from low (Complexity: 1) - to high (Complexity: 3) or 0.2% - 0.6% fee. Learn more on our docs.