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What are Shortcuts?

A Shortcut allows users to execute onchain actions by sending funds to a contract address.

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"Everyone can now effortlessly create a cross-chain swap shortcut. IMO, the trend towards no-code and permission-less is pivotal for Web3's evolution. It's only through such openness that we can use everyone's creativity to make the best and most innovative tools.""

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Create a portfolio allocator which spreads your ETH deposit into multiple tokens at once. Simply select percentage allocations for each token you want to include.

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Use our community created Shortcut Frame builder to create a custom Frame for your Shortcut.

Build a Shortcut Frame in 30 seconds.
Frame is a landing page for your Shortcut.
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Frequent Questions

What's a Shortcut?

Getting to your final destination in Web3 often involves interactions with multiple protocols and onchain transactions.

A Shortcut is a combination of 2 or more DeFi actions which are executed in one transaction, making onchain simple.

Each shortcut represents an intent, helping users get to their final destination without worrying about what needs to happen in between.

Each Shortcut is a smart contract which connects existing protocol functions together to execute a specific user intent.

Shortcut = Intent = deployed to a dedicated Smart Contract.

How does it work?

To execute a specific intent (e.g. bridge to L2 and stake on Beefy), you simply send ETH to that intent's Shortcut Smart Contract address.

Each deployed Shortcut Contract has dedicated ENS domain, giving end-users ability to perform intents simply by sending ETH to human-readable addresses.

What's the difference between using a Shortcut and doing DeFi actions on your own?

When you interact with Shortcuts, you're doing the same thing you would be doing when interacting with onchain protocols on your own - just in less time and risk involved!

One of the biggest advantages of using shortcuts is that you're not waiting for one transaction to settle in order to move on to the next one.

Shortcuts do not add on any extra smart contract risks in addition to the current DeFi protocols that are being used under the hood.

Shortcuts simplify blockchain interactions allowing you to perform onchain actions merely by sending cryptocurrency to a certain address. Build your own Shortcut with our no-code tool.

Why use Shortcuts?

Shortcuts represent a simplified method for users to interact onchain without needing to understand the complexity or deal with UI interfaces.

Onchain actions are operations that take place on the blockchain itself, such as transfering, bridging, swapping, staking, pooling, etc. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms being directly written into lines of code. Sending funds to a contract address often triggers the contract to perform a predefined action.

Shortcuts simplify blockchain interactions for users, allowing them to perform actions on the blockchain merely by sending cryptocurrency to a certain address.

Want to build your own Shortcut? Our no-code tool enables users to build & deploy their Shortcut smart contracts without needing to write any code, making blockchain technology accessible to a broader audience.

What's 'no-code'?

Users have the ability to build their own customized Shortcuts for their specific needs or preferences. Users can define what onchain actions they want to execute when funds are sent to a particular contract address.

A no-code tool allows users to build other software applications or digital tools without writing any code. This is typically done through a graphical user interface with drag-and-drop elements and other user-friendly design tools. For shortcuts this means that users don't need to have programming skills or blockchain development expertise to build their own Shortcuts. Just define the parameters and conditions of your custom Shortcut and deploy!

Are Shortcuts free?

The fees range based on the Shortcut Complexity, with a base fee of 0.1%, in other words, fees can range from low (Complexity: 1) - to high (Complexity: 3) or 0.1% - 0.3% fee. Learn more on our docs.